Nidek Medical’s newest member is the Neo Syringe Pump. The Neo represents our effort to reach our vision of making life-care more simple with the help of state-of-the-art international standard technology and processes. The Neo is a transportable Infusion Syringe Pump and is suitable for dispensing liquids in infusion therapy.

Product Features
  • Front loading type pump
  • Automatic detection of syringe size capacity
  • Simple Start Infusion can be started on one key only
  • Flow rate can be changed during infusion
  • Huge library of Drug names
  • Bolus facility for fast delivery of drug
  • Occlusion pressure settings
  • Automatic rate calculation with Volume and Time limit
  • Internal memory for important storage function
  • Audio/Visual Alarms
  • Machine can be operated on Mains or Battery
  • KVO mode function
  • Anti-Bolus System for Patient Safety


Neo Syringe Pump : Product Specifications
Syringe10, 20, 30, 50/60 ml
Acceptable SyringeAll available standard Indian and imported syringe
Flow Rate Range0.1-999.9 ml/hr (Depending on Syringe size)
Infusion Volume Range0.1-999.9 ml
Bolus Rate300-999 ml/hr (Depending on Syringe size)
Bolus VolumeProgrammable by user min to max rate ml/hr
capacity of syringe
Bolus intervalA minimum interval of time can be preset between two Bolus doses to avoid accidental over infusion, 1 min to 24 Hours
OcclusionLow, Medium, High levels depending upon sizes of the syringes
Volume LimitsFrom 0.1ml to capacity of the Syringe
Battery TypeNi-Mh, 9.6 V, 1300 mAh
Battery Back up5-6 Hours (TYP) @ 5 ml/hr
Battery Recharging20 Hrs. for full Charging
StorageInfusion Rate, name of the medicine
being infused, mode of operation
Weight 2.3 Kg
Dimension240 X 145 X 140 mm
MountingUniversal Pole Clamp or
Table Top Operation